HLK-RM04 Serial To WIfi / Ethernet Module

HLK-RM04 Serial To WIfi / Ethernet Module
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Product Description

HLK-RM04 Serial To WIfi / Ethernet Module


HLK-RM04 is a new low-cost embedded UART-ETH-WIFI module (serial port - Ethernet - Wireless network) developed by Shenzhen Hi-Link ElectronicTechnology co., Ltd
This product is an embedded module based on the universal serial interface network standard, built-in TCP / IP protocol stack, enabling the user serial port, Ethernet, wireless network (wifi) interface between the conversions.
Through the HLK-RM04 module, the traditional serial devices do not need to change any configuration; data can be transmitted through the Internet network. Provide a quick solution for the users serial devices to transfer data via Ethernet


1.Serial to WIFI,serial to Ethernet, Ethernet to WIFI, multi functional module,serial sever module,make your serial device easier to access to the network,full transparent two-way data transmission, ensure maximum limit usability and compatibility.
2. Module is integrated 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface, serial communication baud rate up to 230.4Kbps.
3. With the world's top network chip suppliers Ralink program ,raw materials are used the TDK / / Murata big manufacturers to lay a stable and reliable basis.
4. Reliable system core, applies for safety and long-running system
5.Dimension:40*29mm(smaller than 0ne-third of credit card)
6. Operating temperature: -25~75°C. caizhixing electronic co.,ltd
7. Built-in 360M MIPS CPU, 16M RAM and 4M FLASH and wireless baseband and RF front-end, and a variety of peripheral bus.
8.Have CE and FCC certification,support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n,support transparent transmission mode.
9. Support the vast majority of WIFI encryption methods and algorithms, WEP/WAP-PSK/WAP2-PSK/WAPI,encipher type: WEP64/WEP128/TKIP/AES
10. Provide AT + instruction set configuration, providing friendly Web configuration page, configured through the Web.
11. Support built-in onboard antenna and external antenna.
12.Support wireless AP mode and Station mode, the real hardware AP,support all the WIFI connection of iphone and android system and so on ,support AP and station online at the same time.
13. Optional TCP Server/TCP Client/UDP work mode, support lots of Network protocol: TCP/UDP/ARP/ICMP/HTTP/DNS/DHCP.
14. Support DHCP to automatically obtain IP, support the device to assign IP when the module works in AP mode.
15.Serial rate is adjustable, the maximum one is up to 230400.
16. Strong technical support, provide customized needs.


Status indicator Status indicator caizhixing electronic co.,ltd
Environmental standard Operating temperature:-20-70 Centigrade
Operating humidity:10%-90%RH(noncondensing)
Storage temperature:-40-80 Centigrade
Storage humidity:5%-90%RH(noncondensing)
Additional properties Frequency bandwidth optional:20MHz,40MHz,Automatic


Support 5 types of work mode: AP, Client, Repeater, Bridge, Router
AP mode- Default work mode. In this mode, the device works as a wireless access point, support for plug-and-play, and no configuration needed.
Router mode-In this mode, the device is equivalent to a wireless router, wired interfaces can be used as WAN, wireless used as LAN. Multiple wireless clients can share a broadband line to search the Internet.
Repeater mode -Use the radio relay function of the device, achieve the radio signal repeat and amplified, and form a new radio coverage area, ultimately attain the purpose of extending the coverage of the wireless network.
Bridge mode-With the Bridging function of equipment, firstly, the module RM04 establish a wireless connection with the front-end wireless network itself ,then sending the wireless signal, at the same time, form a new wireless coverage, signal weak and signal blind spot can be solved effectively.
Client mode -The AP to work in this mode for the main AP is a wireless client, the equivalent of a wireless network card

Network standardwireless:IEEE 802.11n,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11b
wired:IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u
Wireless transmission
11n: maximum up to 150Mbps
11g: maximum up to 54Mbps
11b: maximum up to 11Mbps
Tracks number1-14
Frequency range2.4-2.4835G
Emission power12-15DBM
Interface 10/100Mbps LAN/WAN multiplex interface,interface
Antenna typeOnboard antenna / External Antenna
Functional Parameters
WIFI work modeClient / AP / Router
WDS FunctionSupport WDS wireless bridge connection
Wireless securityWireless MAC address filtering
Wireless security function switch
64/128/152 bit WEP encryption
WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK,WPA/WPA2 security mechanism
Network managementRemote Web management
Configuration file import and export
WEB software upgrade
Serial o to Ethernet
Maximum transmission rate230400bps
TCP connectionMax connection number>20
UDP connectionMax connection number>20
Serial baud rate50~230400bps
Other Parameters
Status indicator Status indicator
Environmental standardOperating temperature:-20-70℃
Operating humidity: 10%-90%RH(non-condensing)
Storage temperature: -40-80℃
Storage humidity: 5%-90%RH(non-condensing)
Additional propertiesFrequency bandwidth optional:20MHz, 40MHz,Auto

Package included:

1 x HLK-RM04 Serial To WIfi / Ethernet Module

HLK-RM04 Serial To WIfi / Ethernet Module

HLK-RM04 Serial To WIfi / Ethernet Module

HLK-RM04 Serial To WIfi / Ethernet Module